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Welcome to our web site...

Since 1953 the Kentucky Society of the Archaeological Institute of America has been an active force in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the identification, excavation, and preservation of archaeological sites.  It's primary mission has been the education of professionals, students at all levels, and the general public about archaeological history, methodology, discoveries, and current issues within the field.

At the present the Kentucky Society provides lectures each academic year at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.  This is a combination of both locally and nationally sponsored speakers.  Regardless of which level of speaker, they are all experts in their respective fields, and their ideas and research are worthy of consideration.

The Archaeological Institute of America is the oldest and largest of such organizations in the United States.  It was founded in 1879 by an Act of the United States Congress.  AIA also publishes two of the most important publications in the field:  Archaeology magazine and the American Journal of Archaeology.

On this site you will find the yearly schedule of events of the society.  Though it does not change daily, it does change from time to time throughout the year as new events are added.  On that page you will find all the local and national speakers listed, along with other activities and the national AIA conventionThe Executive Committee members are listed on their respective page with all the pertinent contact information for each one for your convenience.  Of course, if you have a general question about AIA, please direct it to the society's contact person listed below.

Information about membership is noted on the Membership page.  You may join online with a credit card, or you may join now through 30 June 2007 with a special form which provides a special rate reduction when joining.  There are currently special rates for both students and for Basic members.  The necessary information is available on the Membership page.

This is the opportune time to join.  The Kentucky Society is doing more and more, while the overall cost has gone down!  Please consider becoming a member, and certainly, if you are already a member, we need you to continue to be one.  This is as much true for the individual as it is for family members.

Kentucky Society Contact Person:

John E. Fischer
Kentucky Society #170
Archaeological Institute of America
2204 Alta Avenue
Louisville, Ky  40205-1106

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