KENTUCKY SOCIETY

Since 1953, the Kentucky Society of the Archaeological Institute of AMerica has been an active force in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

For more than sixty years, we have been working to promote the study of the human past through the identification, excavation, and preservation of archaeological sites. A major part of our primary mission has been—and continues to be—bringing archaeologists and historians from around the world to Kentucky to present their cutting-edge research in public lectures around the Commonwealth.   

As part of the AIA's outreach mission, the Kentucky Society offers a series of public lectures each year, some held at the University of Louisville and some at the University of Kentucky. Speakers include experts in the archaeology and history of many areas, from the ancient Near East to the Ohio River Valley and all points in between. 




What happens to an archaeological site once excavation is complete? One the major concerns of the AIA is to safeguard cultural heritage sites around the world so that future generations can continue to investigate this priceless record of the human past.


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Studying the past through archaeology means much more than just digging! Once sites and artifacts have been identified, they are analyzed, often by means of cutting-edge technologies. Archaeology is a great example of a STEAM field, where science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics all come together.

What we do

Members of the AIA-Kentucky Society include anthropologists and field archaeologists who search out the remains of the human past in all parts of the globe, from the Nile Valley to the Portugese countryside, and from sub-Saharan Africa to our own Ohio River Valley.