Lectures in Archaeology: Archive

Since 1953, the Kentucky Society has been offering public lectures on archaeological topics. In this part of the website, our goal is to provide an updated archive of past lecture series. If you happen to have copies of lecture announcements prior to 2010, please contact us so that we can update the archive.

September 13, 2017 • 6:00 PM 
University of Louisville, Chao Auditorium

Take it from the bottom: 1500 years of Nubian history told through stratigraphy
Dr. William Y. Adams, Professor emeritus, University of Kentucky

The archaeological site of Meinarti, destroyed by flooding from the Aswan High Dam, was situated on an island in the Nile just to the south of Egypt, in the region known historically as Nubia.  Before excavation it was an artificial mound more than 40 feet high.   Excavation revealed no fewer than 18 occupation levels, covering a span from about AD 1 to AD 1500.  The remains were those of six separate episodes of occupation, separated in each case by considerable periods of abandonment.  As a result, each occupation phase witnessed a total rebuilding, and was markedly distinct from both its predecessor and its successor.  Each reflected the cultural, social, and religious traditions of its times. In this lecture, Dr. Adams, the excavator of Meinarti in 1963-64, will conduct viewers through the successive occupation phases not in stratigraphic but in historical order; that is, from the bottom up.  In that way the markedly different architectural and artifactual remains will illustrate the dynamically evolving story of Nubian history from pagan to Muslim times, reflecting influences from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Islamic caliphate, grafted onto a strong, persisting local tradition.​

October 5, 2017 • 7:00-9:00 PM
Locust Grove Visitor Center (561 Blankenbaker Lane)

Bourbon Archaeology: A Kentucky Society Fundraiser

You probably know that bourbon has a long history...but did you know that traces of the bourbon industry's earliest origins still survive, buried deep in Kentucky's woods and hollers? Join us as Bourbon Archaeologist Nick Laracuente talks about his work excavating the remains of some of the oldest bourbon distilleries in the region. Then, tour Locust Grove's new Farm Distillery Project, watch a demonstration of early nineteenth-century whiskey production, and enjoy a bourbon tasting led by Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Michael Veach.

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